In an effort to keep myself out of trouble, I devise small projects; ways to be making things outside of work for little more than my own interest. Small things. There are few stipulations to these small projects, other than the fact that they must incorporate text and image, and all be five inches square.  Sometimes nice things happen, and sometimes not. Here are some of both.

5x5_(tectonics)April_21_11Print5x5_(laVolte)_April_28_115x5_(FREE)_May_15_115x5_(Ontario)_May_25_115x5_(sentimento)_april_27_115x5_(Tuscano_pasta)May_28_115x5_(tectonics)April_21_115x5_July_5_11(promis to live tenderly)5x5_June_2_(montelena)5x5_(cusco2009)May_11_115x5_(BondiSanti)_may_6_115x5_(CHateau_montelana)May_14_11