Tyler Adam Smith // Graphic Designer


Tyler Adam Smith is a brander and designer; which is to say that he is a drinker of black coffee, and a maker of things.

He holds a degree from York University, took the Milton Glaser Summer Program (SVA), and a Masters in Branding at School of Visual Arts in New York City.

He and his wife are Partners & Creators of the brand optimization studio Wondermatter, which is a mobile team of wide-eyed creatives and strategists in the relentless pursuit of meaning and intelligent design for good. Wondermatter works with entrepreneurs and start-ups to build and strengthen their brands to ensure that they are resonating powerfully and connecting deeply. If not working, Tyler can be found cooking, drawing on something, or running as far as he possibly can.

He has had some nice firm handshakes from the fine people at:

Type Directors Club
Clio Awards
Advertising and Design Club of Canada
Canadian Marketing Awards
HOW Magazine
Applied Arts
Coupe Magazine
Design Edge

He believes in propelling brands forward based on research, forecasting, strategy and design. Ultimately though, he seeks to do thoughtful, and beautiful work for good people. Maybe you find yourself nodding as you read that, if so, get in touch!

Until then, then.